Sims Information Utility

Sims Information - written by Dr Pixel

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What is it? - Just a simple, quick, little program that collects information on your system, and reads the Sims game information from the registry

It gives you the answers to questions people often ask when you are having problems with your game

The information can be copied to the clipboard so you can paste it into your text or document editor, or into a forum post or email

It shows you:

Windows version
System speed
System total RAM memory
System free RAM memory (how much is available right now)
Video card memory

Space available on your hard drive (good to know before installing an expansion)

If you have more than one HD or partition, it lists them all

And, last but not least, the Sims game information from your registry
This information is what the game goes by, so if you think you have HotDate installed, but the registry says you don't, there is going to be a problem.....

It shows if the original game is installed
The folder it is installed in
The language of your game
and lists all expansions, and whether they are installed or not, in the correct order that they should be installed

These are listed by the US names of the expansions, so they may differ from what the expansions are called in your country, and the registry only lists them as expansionpack2, etc., so this is the best I could do.

It's a good idea to run this before doing a complete re-install, to make sure everything has been removed from your registry - if not, you need to run the Eraser program again, then run this, until it shows everything is removed from the registry.

This program is NOT to be re-distributed by any means