Sims2 Example Body Meshes

Updated Feb 15 2006

These meshes are the standard "default" body meshes that are used by BodyShop.

For your convienience, each mesh is now sepearated into 3 groups - the scalp, body, and face can each now be hidden, un-hidden, and deleted.

There is no need to credit me if you use these, I did nothing to them at all.
They are handy to use as a reference if you are working on hair or accessory meshes.
Object meshmakers may also find them useful to see how your mesh scales compared to a Sim.
They are supplied in .obj file format -
This means they should be compatible with all 3d Editors -

      These meshes are for REFERENCE ONLY!
      They can NOT be imported back into the game, they have no joint assignments!

      The Adult download contains the Male and Female Adult Sims
            These can also be used as Young Adult and Elder - they are all the same size

      The Teen download contains Male and Female Teen Sims

      The Child download contains Child and Toddler Sims
            There are no Male and Female, just one child mesh and one toddler since both sexes use the same basic body

To use:
First import the mesh you are working on into your 3d editor, in your chosen format
This can be .obj, .ms3dascii, .smd, or direct import into MilkShape with Wes H's plugins.
Then import the example .obj
With some 3d editors or export/import methods you may need to rotate the example mesh - as supplied, they are in the correct position for .obj files exported as XZY, .ms3dascii files exported as XZY, and with Wes H's plugins.
Do your editing, using the example mesh group as a reference for locating your new mesh parts.
Be sure to DELETE the example mesh group before you export your finished mesh.
I hope you find these useful.

Download Adult Example Meshes

Download Teen Example Meshes

Download Children Example Meshes

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