Attaching Al's Shoe Meshes to Sims2 Meshes

Final Mesh Editing

The final step in MilkShape is to restore the vertex assignments to our new parts.

We will do the primary assignments first, so hide the BODYMOD.1 Group, and Unhide the body Group.
Zoom in to the area we altered, and go to [Select] mode, set to [Vertex], and make sure "Ignore Backfaces" is NOT checked.

Then go to the Joints tab.

Select the l_foot Joint. The original mesh had some vertices assigned to the l_toe, but since this type of shoe would not bend at the toe, we will ignore that and assign all the vertices of the shoe to the foot.
Drag a box around the vertices of the left foot, and click [Assign]

Repeat for the l_calf, r_foot, and r_calf.

That takes care of the primary assignments, we didn't change anything above this area.
Hide the body group, unhide the BODYMOD.1 group, and we will do the secondary assignments

All we have to do here is the secondary assignments to the area around the ankles, which were originally assigned to the left and right foot.
Do these the same way we did the others.

Due to a rounding error, you must always correct the position of the neck before exporting your mesh.
To do this, first make sure all the groups are showing by using the Edit menu to "Unhide All".
On the Model tab, go to [Select] mode, set to [Vertex] and be sure "Ignore Backfaces" is NOT checkmarked.
Then select all the vertices at the very top of the neck. Go to [Move] mode, and lock out [X] and [Z] by clicking on them.
Move the vertices up a bit by click-dragging in the window with your mouse.
Too much here is better than too little, if you go too far it will be hidden inside the Sim's head.
When you get back to BodyShop later to look at your mesh, zoom in and carefully check the neck area to make sure you went far enough.
If not, open up your saved .ms3d file and move it up some more until you get it right.

Before we pronounce the mesh complete, take one final look at the Groups tab.
Make sure the groups are listed in the correct order (body on top, BODYMOD.1 below)

Also check to be sure the comments of each group are EXACTLY the same as what came in.
Then save as a .ms3d file in case something goes wrong with the export, or if you want to make any updates later
Now export with the BodyChop plugin, name it "Edited_GMDC"

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