Attaching Al's Shoe Meshes to Sims2 Meshes

Combining the Meshes

As you remember, both our "body" and our "BODYMOD.1" groups must have matching vertices. This means we will need a second copy of the shoes to add to the second group.

On the Groups tab, hide both body groups and unhide the shoes. Then click [Select] to select the entire group, and on the Edit menu choose "Duplicate Selection". Now click on the new group, and change the name to "shoes.MOD1"

We're finally ready to put our groups together.
First go to the Edit menu, and choose "Unhide All", then on the Groups tab hide "BODYMOD.1" and "shoes.MOD1"

We need to keep the group comment for the body Group, so first click on "body", then click [Comment]
Select and copy it with [Ctrl][C]

Now [Select] both the "body" and the "shoes" groups, so they turn all red. Then click [Regroup] - they are combined into one group. Rename it "body", click [Comment], and paste the original comment back in with [Ctrl][V]

Now we need to exactly align the vertices where the two parts join together.
Zoom your windows in close to this area. Then go to the Model tab, [Select] mode, "by vertex", and "ignore backfaces" NOT checkmarked. Then carefully select one pair of vertices. On the Vertex menu, choose "Snap Together" Repeat this for each pair of vertices, even if it looks like they are already together - this MUST be exact. There are seven pairs, going around each leg. If you get confused and don't remember if you did a particular pair or not, there is no harm in doing it again.
When you are sure you have snapped them all, go back to the Groups tab and select the "body" group. Make sure the "autosmooth" checkbox IS checkmarked. Then on the Vertex menu, choose "Weld Together". In the 3d view, your mesh should now look solid and smooth, rather than looking is if it was made up of separate parts. If you don't do this, your mesh will look blocky, and will have very obvious creases where the front and back half of the mesh join together.

Now hide the "body" group, unhide "BODYMOD.1" and "shoesMOD1" and repeat the entire process again.

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