Attaching Al's Shoe Meshes to Sims2 Meshes

Getting the Mesh into the game

Start SimPE, and open your MESH_ .package file. Click on the Geometric Data Container, and go to the Plugin View.

First select and copy the entire filename line.
Then right-click on the Geometric Dara Container line again, and choose "Replace".
Open your "New_GMDC" file.
After SimPE loads it, delete the new Filename line it put in, and paste back the original filename.
Commit, and save the .package file.

While we have SimPE running, make a final check on your BodyShop .package too - make sure that there is NOT a Resource Node (CRES) or a Shape (SHPE) file in it.
That's all for SimPE, close it and start up BodyShop

Set BodyShop to "New Project", and select your BodyShop .package.

The icon may still look like the original Maxis mesh, but even if it does click on it anyawy.

It should now look like this.

The new shoes are not textured, and the old shoes still show -
This is expected, it does not mean there is a problem. We need to correct both the texture image, and the alpha, to allow for the new parts

Export this skin as a new project and start up your graphics editor.

NOTE: Both PSP and PhotoShop can open the texture .psd file that Al has included.

I'm not sure if other Graphics Editors support .psd files.

If your graphics editor does NOT support .psd files, you can get the freeware program IrfanView which will open the .psd file, and let you save it in a format that your editor can handle.

Open up the texture image in your Graphics Editor

Add the .psd file from Al as a new layer, and save the image as a .bmp, overwriting the original.

Open the alpha image.

Select the leg and shoe area, and fill it with solid black.

Now go back to the texture image, and select all the new colored areas (the shoe parts and the toenails)

Transfer the selection to the alpha image, and fill it with solid white.
Save it as a .bmp. overwriting the original alpha image.
Click the reload icon in BodyShop, and it should now look like the picture above.
We're done! Import the skin into your game, and use it as a base for making your new skins.
You can delete the first BodyShop .package, it's not needed any more.
After making more new skins for this mesh, you can also delete this "base" skin, you only need one skin for a mesh to show up in BodyShop.

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