Attaching Al's Shoe Meshes to Sims2 Meshes

Preparing the Groups

Now let's take a look at our body mesh groups. We want to pick out a good place on the legs to attach the shoe mesh, and we also need to find out what the primary and secondary vertex assignments are, so we can put these back correctly later.

First go to the Groups tab, and select the BODYMOD.1 group. Then click [Hide]. This will leave only the body group, which has the primary vertex assignments, showing.

Go to the Joints tab, and click on the l_calf Joint, then click [SelAssigned] to see what vertices are assigned to it. As expected, all the vertices of the lower left leg are assigned to l_calf.
Now go back to the Groups tab, and unhide BODYMOD.1, then hide body.

We know some of those same vertices would have a secondary assignment to the l_foot, so I select l_foot on the Joints tab, and [SelAssigned] We see that the two lower sets of vertices of the calf also have a secondary assignment to the l_foot. There is no need to check the right leg, the bodies are symmetrical and the assignments would be the same.

Next we go to the File/Import/wavefront.obj menu, and choose the "shoes.obj" file we saved earlier.
After it loads, go to the Groups tab, click on it's name, and click [Select].
We want to find a good location to join the two meshes together.

This looks like the best place - the vertices of the two meshes line up pretty well, and we know that there are no secondary vertex assignments in this area to worry about.

Now we want to delete the unwanted parts of both meshes. First hide both the "body" and the "BODYMOD.1" groups so only the shoe group is showing. Then go to the Model tab, click [Select] and make sure the options are set to [Vertex] and "Ignore Backfaces is NOT checkmarked. Drag a box around the unwanted vertices above our joining area. Then on the Edit menu, choose "Delete Selection". The unwanted parts of the mesh will disappear.

Now hide the "shoe" group, and unhide BOTH the body and BODYMOD.1 groups. This time, select the vertices below the joining area and delete them.

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