Attaching Al's Shoe Meshes to Sims2 Meshes

Importing the Body Mesh

We're ready to edit the Body mesh. Use SimPE to open up the new MESH_ .package file you made. Right-Click on the Geometric Data Container line, and choose "Extract" on the menu.

Name it "Original_GMDC" and save it in your work folder. You can close SimPE, we won't need it for a while.

Now start up MilkShape, and on the menu choose File/Import/TS2 Body Chop Importer v3.02

If you don't see this entry on your File/Import menu, you didn't install the plugins correctly. If this happens, make sure you have unzipped both of the plugins into the same folder where MilkShape is installed and try again.

Select the file "Original_GMDC" that you just exported with SimPE.

You will see a Pop Up Window asking if you want to Display the Blend Groups.
Answer "Yes"

After the file is loaded, go to the "Groups" tab

You should see two groups listed there, "body" and "BODYMOD.1"

If you see a bunch of blue lines covering all the windows, don't panic.
They are the "Joints", but the default size is too large.
Go to the File Menu, and choose "Preferences"
Then on the "Misc" tab, set the Joint Size to 0.01
MilkShape will remember this setting for the future
Next go to the "Joints" tab, and un-checkmark "Show Skeleton"
We don't need to see the joints for what we are doing here.

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