Attaching Al's Shoe Meshes to Sims2 Meshes

Getting the Shoe Mesh Ready

We're ready to start editing - first unzip Al's shoe mesh files into your work folder. There are two .obj files, one has the 3" version of the heels, one has 4" heels. Pick which version you want to use, and open it in MilkShape. Go to the Groups tab - you will see that Al has supplied the mesh with all the parts separated into different groups. This is in case you want to re-map them to different places on the texture image.

The shoes already come properly mapped to un-used places on the texture image, so in most cases no re-mapping is needed. We will just leave everything alone, and regroup all the parts into one for easier attaching to our body mesh

Go down the list of groups. Click on each name, then click the [Select] button. As you do this, each group will turn red. When you have them all selected, click the [Regroup] button. All the names will disappear, except for one. Rename this group as "shoes", and export the mesh as a wavefront .obj file into your work folder. Give it a name you will recognize, I named mine "new_shoes.obj"

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