Attaching Al's Shoe Meshes to Sims2 Meshes

Getting Started

I am going to start with the Maxis "Bella Goth" mesh pictured at the left, and substitute a pair of Al's wedge heeled shoes to make the mesh shown in the center. You can then skin it in the usual way to make outfits such as shown to the right.

The first thing you must do is create a BodyShop .package as explained in step 1 of Brianna's tutorial.

Although you can pick any skin you want, I would suggest you use the same one pictured here to make it easier for you to follow along.

If you do want to use a different outfit, be sure to pick a one-piece everyday Female Adult outfit (that is, NOT a separate "bottom only" outfit)

Now follow Brianna's tutorial all the way through step 25

Pay particular attention in steps 2 through 9, where you are collecting the files from the game's .pacakge files, that you always pick the correct file. Sometimes there are two with almost the same exact name - be SURE to get the one that does NOT have LOD in the name.

Also when you get to the "Fix Integrity" in step 14, be sure that the checkbox at the bottom of the Fix Integrity window is NOT checkmarked. It is marked "University Ready V2" and people sometimes think it should be checkmarked to make skins University Compatable. This is not true, if the box is checked your new mesh will never show up in the game. ALL meshes are automatically compatable with University, and any future expansion packs, so NEVER checkmark that box.

Another place where people often make mistakes is in Step 25 - after you have linked your new Mesh_ .package file to the BodyShop .package, you MUST follow step 25 and DELETE the Resource Node and Shape file you just added from the BodyShop .package

They were added only to get the numbers, the actual files should not be left in the BodyShop .package file or they will cause incorrect linking of future skins made using your new mesh

And be sure you do NOT delete these files from your new Mesh_ .package file.

Once you have completed everything up to step 25, do be sure to start up BodyShop again and check to see if the mesh package is in fact showing up. If it is, you are all set - You can close Brianna's tutorial and meet me on the next page to get to the actual editing.

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