Attaching Al's Shoe Meshes to Sims2 Meshes

Needed Tools and Information

Sims2 BodyShopComes with the Sims2 game (the downloadable preview version will NOT work)
Graphics EditorA good one that has layers (NOT MS Paint)
MilkShape Low Cost Shareware 3d Mesh Editor (free trial version available)
SimPE Free tool for editing Sims2 .package files
Wes Howe's BodyChop plugins Free MilkShape plugins for import/export of Sims2 Body Meshes
Wes Howe's BodyChop plugins Alternate Download Link
Brianna's Body Mesh TutorialExplains how to make a Sims2 .package file for your new mesh
Brianna's Body Mesh TutorialAlternate Link
Al's Shoe MeshWedge Heels with Straps
Al's EgroupContact Al and See the Latest Mesh Release Info
Before attempting this tutorial you should already know how to use the Sims2 BodyShop program to make a clothing skin. You should also try editing a few body meshes using the .obj file format as explained in Brianna's tutorial to get familiar with the overall process. If you can not successfully make and skin a new body mesh using the methods explained in her tutorial, you must master that first. This tutorial is intended for more advanced meshmakers who are already comfortable with editing body meshes in that way.

If you are new to any of the tools listed, please take some time to read the information that comes with them. SimPE comes with information files included, Wes Howe's plugins have a readme.txt file, and there is a complete Help File for MilkShape available as a separate download on the MilkShape site. Also make sure you have the latest version - you must have at LEAST v 1.74 of MilkShape (the current v 1.75 is recommended) and SimPE is upgraded frequently so be sure to check for the latest version.

I have used SimPE v.040, MilkShape v 1.74, and BodyChop v 3.02 in this tutorial.

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